Monday, June 18, 2012

Lunch Ideas

Lunch Ideas

       I know, I has been a month!  As usual life has been crazy, my niece just got married and it was a huge celebration...(Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, we love you!)...but needless to say we had at least a dozen problems before it all came together.  In the end, however, it was beautiful.  This poor girl went through it all.  In the beginning they had hired a lady to be in charge of the decorations.  She was supposed to be in charge of basically everything, the candy and vases along with cake pops and rice krispies for a candy bar, linens and table skirts get the idea!  She was going to be setting everything up and taking everything down. I am sure you know where I am going with this.  A week before the wedding she calls my niece and tells her that she broke her hip and is in the hospital and will no longer be able to set up or take down decorations but that she will still rent them the decorations and they would need to hire somebody else to set them up.  Right off that sounds a little crazy but maybe believable.  My sister in-law is calling and calling this lady to get the decorations so that they can have everything ready and set to go and the lady will not answer her phone.  That is already stressful enough right?  Finally she drives over to her house and knocks on the door.  Her husband answers the door and my sister in-law asks to speak with his wife. He tells her she is not there and when she asks where she is he tells her she is out doing another wedding. Turns out she didn't break her hip, she just hadn't done a single thing for the wedding! She must have gotten in way over her head and then thought she could lie her way out of it.   She offered my sister in-law a melted bag of gummy bears in exchange for the thank you!  So a week before the wedding we all pitched in and scrambled to get things ready for the big day...but truly the bride and her mom did a lot of the work.  This is where big families come in handy :)  We also have his brother's family staying with us which means we have 9 kids ages 9 and under at our house so menu planning has had to take a hold since there are so many different appetites going on! So refer back to my previous menu's and lists because there are plenty of delicious recipes and menu's to choose from.

       I have been wanting to post for a while on different lunch ideas that you can use to switch up your lunch and breakfast menu so today I am just posting lunch ideas and next week I will post breakfast ideas. So first off I would like to state that I have a picky eater but she still has to eat whatever I make.  If it were up to her she would eat turkey sandwiches or lunchables every single day for lunch.  Yes that would make my life easy, however that's not a great way of introducing her to different types of healthy foods.  I have also found that usually by the 3rd or 4th try of introducing a food, she ends up making her own decision on whether she really likes the food or not instead of just automatically hating it without even giving it a chance...and most of the time she ends up liking it.  She used to hate she asks for it all the time for lunch or dinner as well as sweet peas and carrots.  So if you have picky eaters, my advice is to keep introducing different foods to them and be consistent and eventually they make a good decision on whether they really like it or not.  There are still some foods I have her eat whether she likes them or not, like certain vegetables, but there are some foods she doesn't like such as shrimp.  I am an avid hater of mushrooms...yes, I said me they are aweful!  It doesn't matter how they are prepared...I don't like them...even if they are battered and deep fried I am not a mushroom person so I understand there are some things that people just don't like.  But, like I said, our rule is that she at least has to try it 3 or 4 times before she makes up her mind that she doesn't like it :)

       Okay, phew!  Onto the menu ideas! I have attached an 8X10 that you can print out below.  If you have any questions or need more ideas or even if you have ideas you want to submit, feel free to email me at  Enjoy!

- Kristin

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